Thursday, October 19, 2023

Halloween Pool Noodle Candles DIY

This is the first time I have attempted to try to make pool noodle candles.  Since it is Halloween time, I wanted to make them spooky candles.  

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I used one pool noodle and cut it into 8 pieces of various sizes, a pizza pan, battery tea lights, and a glue gun.  When decorating my candles I also used some black roses and Dahlias.  All of the supplies came from the Dollar Tree


I arranged the noodles until I liked how they looked on the pan, before hot gluing them in place.  

I then used the hot glue to make drips on the noodles to make it  look like candle wax. 

PRO TIP - if you have a duel temp glue gun make the drips with the LOW SETTING.  Thankfully I started with the two smallest candles, because I had my glue gun on high. Oops! I may have melted them a bit.  It's okay though, they will be hidden with the flowers later. 

I used black paint to cover the glue drips. I only had white tea lights, so I also painted the top half black as well.  I have seen some people use spray paint for this step. I did not have any on hand,  so I used acrylic paint, 

Since the tea lights  will fit into the pool noodles, I did not need to paint the bottom half.  

Once the candles were done, it was time to decorate the pan. 

I glued on two large black Dahlias, and a black rose bundle from the Dollar Tree . I would have use more rose bundles, but I only found one. I took apart the rose bundle, and with the Dahlias I had enough flowers to cover the entire pan.  

I LOVE how my pool noodle candles turned out. It was so easy to make.  I am now planning on making a white candles for Christmas, and decorating them with Christmas flowers.  

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