Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Unicorn Valentine Card Box


While we still have a month until Valentine's Day, it is time to start thinking of the Valentine's Day class party. One thing that I always enjoyed doing with my kids is making the valentine box. I still use this box, and use it for storage now.  It was not that hard to put together, and almost all of the items came from the Dollar Tree

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Here is what I used to make this unicorn box 

A box for the body (shoebox, tissue box, gift box or even a mailbox)

4 cardboard tubes for the legs

2-3 curly bows (multiple bows on each) for the mane and tail.

round container/tumbler with lid (something unicorn head shaped) or floral foam for the head 

craft foam or pre cut glitter hearts for snout

googly eyes

colored wrapping paper  or paint 

cardstock (color of choice for horn) Dollar Tree now sells premade unicorn horns in the party aisle. 

I was lucky enough to find this sturdy shoe box size Valentine card box on clearance at Target a few years ago. It was already white, so I decided to make my unicorn white. You can use whatever box you have on hand.  You can paint it, or cover it in whatever color you decide


When making the unicorn, I was not sure on which shape I wanted to use for the unicorn's head.  I will show you what they both look like.  

If you would like a rectangle head, find the largest craft or floral foam in the crafting aisle. Leave the plastic on if the foam is in multiple pieces like the one in the photo.  I wrapped it in white wrapping paper that is available in their gift wrap aisle.  

If you prefer a rounder look for the head, I wrapped a cup I found in the dish aisle.  I am not sure if this particular cup is still available, but you should find something similar.  I liked the round look better for my unicorn so this is the one that I decided to use. 

This is the dual temp mini glue gun by Gorilla Glue that I just got. It is very highly rated.  I love that it has the dual settings because I tend to burn myself when using a lower quality glue gun. 

I painted four cardboard tube white to make the legs and then hot glued them to the bottom of the box. I also used hot glue to attach the head to the top of the box. 

The next step is to chose which ribbon you want to use for the mane and the tail.  They have several different types of curly ribbon and various colors that will work well. I went with the curliest ribbon in multiple colors for my unicorn. 

The curly ribbons have multiple bows on each card. Arrange them as big or as small as you would like. To get this extra full look, I used four of the smaller bows for the mane (two bow cards), and two smaller bows (one bow card) for the tail.

Dollar Tree now makes so many pre-cut hearts in various sizes and colors.  They didn't have as many as they do now when I made this box, so I cut out pink hearts from a scrap piece of pink craft foam. 

I used a piece of cardstock to make the horn, but now they have already made unicorn horns in the party aisle.  The last step is to add the eyes. I drew on eyelashes, but if you would prefer real ones, there are a bunch of fake eyelashes to choose from in the beauty aisle. 

UPDATE: I found both the horns and lashes at the Dollar Tree today that you may be interested in using on your unicorn.  

Your unicorn is now ready to collect those Valentines at the class party. 

If you are interested in Valentines you can print and share with your friends, I have several Valentine items in my Etsy Shop.  My biggest seller last year was my Bee Valentines. I am currently making some new styles for this year, including some unicorns.  

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