Friday, July 30, 2021

New Dollar Tree Fall Items are here!

While this year is flying by, and technically it is still the middle of the summer, it is fall at the Dollar Tree. If you love the fall, you will want to start checking your local stores because there are so many new adorable items this year. 

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I took these pictures over the course of two back to back days. I stopped by the Dollar Tree the first time this week on Wednesday afternoon.   I spoke to one of the employees I knew as she was just starting to put out the new fall items that they got on this week's truck.  There were several things that I would like to get, because I knew they would sell out quickly but due to a few big bills being due this week I knew I had to restrain myself.   

The Farm Fresh calendar was one of those must have items.  While my main store had already sold out of them, a smaller lesser known store nearby still had a few.

I also picked up this Farmhouse one. 

If you come across this wooden truck, grab it immediately!  When I was in the store on Wednesday they only had 5 or 6 left.  Today when I had to go back to pick up a couple of unexpected items they were already all gone. Also gone, but not pictured were the pumpkin wreath forms. 

When I was at the store on Wednesday, this aisle was mostly empty, as it was just  beginning to be stocked. Twenty four hours later, it was filled with craft supplies and lots pumpkin decor. 

These velvet pumpkins were quite pretty. The mauve and the burgundy pumpkins were my favorite. If those colors are not your style, they were available in six (possibly more)  different colors. 

These velvet pumpkin floral picks were also very nicely made.  

If you are not a fan of velvet, they also had these gingham pumpkins.  This is another item that will sell out fast.  They were not even out yet on the first day I was there, and just a day later there were only a few pumpkins left in the box. 

This entire wall was school supplies the day before, so I was surprised to see it completely different today. I am loving all the fall decor signs and yard stakes this year, especially the wooden trucks and metal wagons.

These pumpkin metal yard stakes were quite stunning in person. It is hard to believe they are only $1. They also had 
metal sunflowers that will look great in any garden/yard. 

Another favorite item of mine was this blue farmhouse pumpkin truck. 


Underneath the signs were these large felt shapes. They can be used as decor, placements, anything you can think of really.

The sunflower is new this year. I think it will sell out quickly. 

Always check all the endcaps when you are in the store.  I found this endcap in the back by the cleaning supply wall. There were so my pretty florals here. 

The purple Dahlias were large and gorgeous!!  They come in many other fall and Halloween colors. 

On another endcap I found all kindsw of monogram items.  They had pumpkins, mason jar signs, ceramic pumpkins and even metal tins with a variety of different letters. 

There was so much to see and this is just the first wave of products. The Dollar Tree releases their holiday items in several waves over the course of  several weeks.  Halloween items are arriving in many stores this week as well. You can expect to start seeing a lot more in all stores as we go through the month of August.  

I will share a pro Dollar Tree shopper tip with you.  If you would like to see what will be arriving in stores, be sure to check out their website online.  You can see many of the fall & harvest items to watch for here.

Many of the Halloween items are also online. You can see all things Halloween here, and the Halloween crafting supplies here.   There are also several craft and party ideas to check out on the website.  Another pro tip, if you are need several of the same item or you cant find what you are looking for in your local store, you can buy your items on the website and have it shipped free to your store.  While some items you have to buy by the case, also be sure to check out the smaller quantity area where you can often buy just a few items.  (I have done this several times, like with the elusive Easter bunnies and the hanging baskets in the spring) 

What kind of items to you like to buy for fall and Halloween? 

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