Thursday, March 19, 2020

Long List of Free Resources While Self Isolating

Life has really changed for all of us in just a few days.  We are spending a lot of time at home social distancing and self isolating.  I am currently not working because all of the school districts in my state are closed for a least a few weeks, maybe more. One of my children is having some symptoms, so we are also currently self isolating just in case. 

While we are home, I am finding that I have a lot of time to spend on the internet and Facebook.  The teacher in me realized that I have come across a long list of resources that will be helpful for those families with kids at home who are home schooling.  When my kids were younger, getting three children (one with Aspergers) to do their homework on a nightly basis was a struggle.  Now that they are older, I do not need to worry about homework anymore, but I know they would have loved to do some of the things that I am going to share in this post.  

Do you have a child who loves art like mine?   

Here are a few sites to check out 

Free Coloring Pages from 113 Museums. They can learn about art history and make art at the same time. 

Draw with Mo Willems. Each weekday he will be sharing lunch time doodles with kids. (and adults like me who think they are a kid ;)) 

1000 Free Disney Coloring pages from The Farm Girl Gabs

Interested in Virtual Field Trips? 

You are in luck if you like to explore.  There are so many options online right now allowing you to take virtual field trips. 

There are several interesting places you can "see" on

20 more places are available on  Adventures in Familyhood

Visit US National Parks on Tech Crunch

My favorite resource (and one I am going to do myself) is virtually visit Disneyland, and ride the rides on

Want to see some nature and do something with science? The National Aquarium is live streaming. 

If you love animals, the Cincinnati Zoo will be featuring a different animal every weekday at 3 PM. 

Have a child who loves to read?  Here are connections to an endless resource of books.

You can currently download over 300,000 books from the New York Public Library

2 Free months of Amazon Kindle Unlimited, endless books, audiobooks and magazines to keep your children reading. 

Interested in Space? NASA currently has their Entire Media Library publicly accessible and copyright free. 

I have not forgot the grown ups and down time. There are some resources for us grownups to use during this trying time too.  

Hallmark Channel  is starting a Christmas movie marathon starting tomorrow since we all need a little cheer. 

Netflix has a new option called Netflix party that allows you to have virtual movie nights with friends.  It is a Google extension that allows you to watch and chat with others. 


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