Saturday, November 2, 2019

Dare to Share #390

It is Saturday, and you know what that means.. 
It is time to Dare to Share!  

I'm sorry to be so late with the party this weekend. I have a good reason though. Had a bit of car trouble over the weekend. Last night I was driving to pick up my friend to go to a Halloween dance.  As I was turning a corner we heard a very loud boom, and then a clunking noise. It sounded like a tire blew, but I had no idea why it would have.  Luckily we were still only a block away from her house, so we turned around and parked it in her parking lot.  When we looked at the car, we saw the tire was fine. Since it was 6 pm on a Friday we knew it was too late to do much with it, so we left to the dance in her car.   I spent the night on her couch last night since I would be without a car if she dropped me off at my house. This morning my ex husband came by to drive the car to a mechanic, while I drove behind him in his car.  Driving behind my car, I was able to see that the muffler was the problem.  Something attaching the muffler in place broke or came loose.  The muffler was hanging very low to the ground and was bouncing around a lot. It was definitely what was causing all that noise.  We then got me a rental car, since my car will probably not be fixed until Monday.   Since he had drove the 45 minutes to take car of the car, I agreed to drive the 45 minutes to his house to pick up the kids.  Just got back and it is already late afternoon.   Everything will the cars will hopefully get back to normal in a few days.. On the bright side the Halloween dance was a blast, and we celebrated my birthday with a huge Costco Unicorn cake.  

Now that I have had my birthday party, it is time to start this party..    

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