Wednesday, November 19, 2014

How to Make a Mesh Wreath

I have a small spot above my mantle that is perfect for a small wreath.  I have not pulled out my Christmas decorations yet, and I was not sure what to do with it. 

Recently at the dollar store, I came across several rolls of mesh, and Christmas duct tape. I quickly picked out a couple of rolls in each color.  I like the look of mesh at the craft store, but it is a not cheap, so to find it for only $1 was quite the find. 

Since it was the first time I used the mesh on a wreath, I looked online for a tutorial.  All of the tutorials I found used wire wreath forms.  I had one, but it was a bit too big for the space. I did have several small foam forms, and I was hoping to use on of those instead.  I used the basic concept of wrapping the mesh, but adapted it to use it on a foam form.  The first thing I did was wrap the foam form with a layer of mesh.   

There are gold strands of thread running through the mesh, so I knew my gold pipe cleaners were a good match for this wreath.   I wrapped the anchor pipe cleaner around the top of the wreath and twisted it on the back side. 

I then twisted a gold pipe cleaner on the mesh about eight inches from the anchor pipe cleaner. 

I made a loop with the mesh, and then secured it with the pipe cleaner a few inches away from the first pipe cleaner.  I continued to to this until I had gone all the way around the wreath.  I ran out of the first roll of mesh just as I had twisted the last pipe cleaner, which was perfect timing.  

The first time around the wreath looked sparse, and sad. It's okay though, because it will look much better with a little more mesh. 

Using the second roll of mesh, I began filling in the wreath by alternating the mesh throughout the mesh that was already there. Once I was happy with the amount, I secured it on the back with one of the pipe cleaners.   I then adjusted the mesh, until I was happy with it. 

I hung it on a hook with another pipe cleaner.  I still might use a piece of mesh, or ribbon. I also might some more embellishments.  Since it is so close to Christmas, I may leave it as is because it would transition nicely to my Christmas decor.  Now that I know how easy it is to work with mesh, I will have to find something to make with my white and silver rolls.   


  1. That's a nice craft to make at this time of the year.

  2. I've never used mesh, either. Thanks for showing that it doesn't have to be complicated:)

  3. So cute! I love how you used a foam wreath because I have so many just sitting here waiting for an idea. I pinned this to make later. Thanks for the awesome tut!

  4. I have never used mesh but what a great way to use it with a foam wreath instead of a wire one. Thanks for sharing you tutorial with Share It One More Time.


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