Friday, May 9, 2014

Make a TP Candle - Feature of the Day

I was going through all the great posts trying to decide which one to feature.  When I came across one of them, the name of the craft alone made me stop to find out more.  What I found was a craft project that never in a million years I would have thought to try on my own..  

It looks just like a decorative candle, but you will not believe what is being used for the base.  A roll of toilet paper.   Bobbie from, shares how she turned a roll of toilet paper into a pretty candle that you can actually light up.  Be sure to go over and see how she did it here.  There might even be time to make one for Mothers Day.  Thank you Bobbie for linking up this creative craft to Dare to Share.!


  1. WOW!! Thanks so much for the feature!! And the wonderful words to go with it!!

    I am honored!!!

    Happy Mother's Day!!

    1. Happy Mothers Day to you too.. This is just so original.. I never would have thought to make a candle that way.


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