Tuesday, March 4, 2014

LEGO Movie Cloud Cuckooland Cupcakes

In the recent LEGO Movie, Emmet and his friends travel through several LEGO lands to save the world from Lord Business's evil plans.  One of the worlds that they  visit is Cloud Cuckooland.  It was our favorite land in the movie.  

LEGO Movie Cloud Cuckooland Cupcakes

When I recently received my latest All You with a similar cupcake on the cover.  Kara saw it and said, "Mom, that looks like Cloud Cuckooland!"  I told her they would make a great cupcake for a LEGO Movie themed party.   

I was looking for rainbow striped Air Heads for my cupcakes,  because to reach Cloud Cuckooland you have to travel up a rainbow. Unfortunately,  I was not able to find any.  One reason why Cloud Cuckooland is our favorite land is it  bright, colorful, and fun.   It is lead by Princess Unikitty, who tells her visitors, there are NO RULES, and any idea is good. So while I don't have rainbows, these candies make a good substitute, because there are no rules.

LEGO Movie Cloud Cuckooland Rainbow Cupcakes

They are actually very easy to make.  Frost your favorite cupcakes with blue frosting made from adding a few drops of food coloring to white frosting.   Bend an Air Head into an arch, and place it on the cupcake.  Be careful when stretching it, because the arches will start leaning after a few minutes.  You may even want to form the arch and the allow it to harden a bit, before putting it on the cupcake.  If they do bend, don't worry about it.  The land is called "cuckooland"  so bent arches add some character.  The last step is to add some mini marshmallows to form the clouds.  If you do find rainbow Air Heads, these cupcakes would also work well for St. Patrick's Day.  
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  1. Such a cute and creative idea Pam! Love it!

  2. Ha! These are so cute! They could be used for so many different kinds of parties!

    1. Definitely! I am thinking St. Patricks Day, Wizard of Oz, and Rainbow to name a few.

  3. These are so cute, Pam. Pinning them... Cathy

  4. so cute and super easy! This is something my little one could help with too!

  5. My kids LOVED the lego movie.. If they saw these cupcakes they would say "everything is awesome!!!" ;)

  6. What a clever way to use Airheads. Too bad my kid's grown and out of the house. And completely contemptuous of the LEGO movie. I might convince my husband to bake, these, though. :)

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