Monday, December 2, 2013

Snow Themed Ornaments, Three Different Ways

A snow themed ornaments with presents

Today's ornament of the day is not really a craft tutorial, but it shows different  ways you can decorate a snow themed ornament.   Kara made the ornament in this picture.  She  recently saw some miniature presents at the craft store, and asked if she could have them.  She then filled a ball ornament about halfway full of snow and glitter  before adding the presents.   I love how the metallic wrapping shines in the light.  

A melted snowman ornament

I remembered that I had shared a few other versions of the snow ornament last year,  so such as this melted snowman.  Just add a few black felt circles, a triangle shaped felt carrot, and a scarf.  

A fancy snow themed ornament with hearts inside

In this ornament I added  white hearts cut from craft foam using a paper punch.  I also tied a pretty blue winter themed ribbon, which gave the ornament a fancy look.  

If you have not made a snow themed ornament before, why not give it a try.  

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