Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Ways to Save at Target You Might Not Know About

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Our local Target store recently remodeled, adding a much larger grocery section to the store. You don't know how happy that makes me since I am in Target quite often.  It makes it super easy to pick up things I need without having to go to another store.  I also love that at Target you can save money off your groceries and other household items FIVE different ways all at the same time.  I can't think of any other store that allows you  to do that. 

First of all did you know that Target price matched?!  I did not know until a friend of mine who works there told me.  
They have a price match guarantee, which you can read more about on their corporate website  here. They also have a special  Holiday Sale price matching policy through Dec 21, which you can read about here.  (this is from 2013) 

I got all of the groceries in the pictures for only $36.80 on Friday. The price before coupons would have been close to $65.   Most of the items were on sale.  One thing  that I absolutely love about Target is they allow you to use a manufacturer coupon from the newspaper or website like with a Target store coupon which you can print from the website.  It gets even better than that though!  You then can use a special digital coupon from their Cartwheel App in addition to  the coupons.   If you have not used Cartwheel yet, you really should.  You click on the items  you want to buy on Cartwheel, and then print off a bar code to give to the cashier.  Additional savings from Cartwheel  will then come off your total. 

The Tidy Cat in the picture above is a great example of how to use  multiple savings on the same item.  The 20 lb jugs were on sale for $6.99 last week.  I was able to use a $1 manufacturer coupon with a $2 Target coupon.  That brought the price down to $3.99.   It was also one of the special deals I chose on Cartwheel.  When the Cartwheel code was scanned, it took off another .25 from the total. (5%).  The final price for the cat litter was only $3.74. Pretty good considering that the this brand of cat litter is normally $7.99.  I saved approximately 50%! 

But that is still not all, there is still yet another way to save money while shopping at Target!  Have you ever heard of the app Ibotta?   If you are not using it yet, you should.  It is an awesome app  that you pays you to shop.  No. Kidding. It is simple simple to use, and a very easy way to earn some money buying items you were already going to buy anyway. If you sign up to Ibotta now, they  currently have $10 sign up bonuses.  When you buy one of the products at your favorite retailer, they pay you money.  They also have bonus products at a handful of favorite retailers, including Target.  They currently have 27 bonus offers for Target!   Ibotta is adding new retailers frequently, and is currently adding favorite restaurants as well.    This is seriously one of my favorite apps!

So just a quick recap of how to save even more at Target 

Use price matching if you are able
Stack Target coupons with manufacturer coupons 
Bring in your Target Cartwheel barcode 
Use the Ibotta app, and get money back 

Happy Shopping! 

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