Wednesday, October 30, 2013

You Say It's Your Birthday and a Guest Post

Celebrating my birthday

Yesterday was my birthday!  Having a birthday right before Halloween can be a lot of fun, but it can also be extremely busy.  This week happens to be the last week of the grading period as well as Halloween.  So in addition to getting ready for Thursday, we are catching up on all the last minute homework that needs to be done by Thursday night.  This year has been more hectic than most. I have never been this far behind right before Halloween.  Kara and I still have to MAKE her costume..  Yes I said make, not finish.  Luckily she is going easy on me this year, but we still have to put it all  together.   I know Kyle has a lot of English homework that he has to finish this week.  He is one of those that has to be watched while he does it, or he just pushes it to the side.. *sigh*  He is getting better, but it still takes up a lot of time.    I just bought our candy for trick or treat night yesterday.  I did save $10.50 in coupons on the candy so that is a plus.. Buying it last minute also means that it will not disappear before we need it.  

My girls made me a cake last night.. While it was not pretty, (it fell apart when they took it out of the pans)  it tasted great. I am proud  that they made it completely on their own. I also love that they only used 15 candles on the cake. We had a good time pretending that I was 15, until my wise cracking son brought up the fact that it was missing a lot of candles.. Sometimes it is not a good thing that your kids know your real age.  

I do have a new Halloween post to share.  I am  guest posting on Your Modern Family today where I am a contributor.  Stop over and see the new treat boxes that i came up with this year. They are quick and simple and  are great for Halloween and Harvest parties. 

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