Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween Recap

How is everyone feeling today?!  Were you able to go out and get lots of candy? 
Halloween kicked my butt! Seriously, I am feeling the affects  today.
As many of my followers know, I was having a lot of health problems the last few months.  Its been a few weeks since I gave an update, but I finally KNOW what is going on. 
My stress test came back normal.. Seriously, my heart is in GREAT shape. It was my thyroid causing all of the problems.   I found out that have Hashimotos Thyroiditis with Multinodular Goiters, and mild Rhuematoid Arthritis.  I saw the endocrinologist today, and will be having a biopsy on two nodules in early January. I was temporarily off of my RA inflammation  med to take a med for my autoimmune hives, and I am aching today.  I hurt all over.  I am sure I over did it last night.  Hopefully after a little rest, and a few days to take down all of Halloween stuff, I will be  mentally and physically ready for Thanksgiving.
Does anyone else have trouble switching gears to the next holiday immediately? 
Kara was a raccoon this year.. I am a bit bummed that I did not get as many pictures as I would like. It was raining and cold,so the picture ops were not that great.   Kara  did her own face make up, which was actually quite impressive.    She did not end up wearing the gray sweatshirt that she was supposed to wear with her costume, but  she still looked cute. (thought it would have been better with the gray sweatshirt)  She was  the only raccoon in the neighborhood  out trick or treating. I saw many homemade costumes this year.   

Our pumpkins were  in the woodland theme.  (Are you surprised with Kara's obssesion with all things woodland? ) Kara made the raccoon pumpkin, which was her own design.  She had me make an owl from a picture we found online

One way I like to decorate for the big night is to illuminate our entryway.  I put battery operated votives inside plastic pumpkins and sat them on the stairs.  I hung a yellow plastic tablecloth over our banister.  The yellow backdrop behind the plug in pumpkins  gave off a wonderful eerie glow. 

We put about 12 toilet paper tubes with glow sticks in them in the bushes.  This is the only picture that I have, because I totally forgot that they were there.  I am not sure how well they glowed. 

Frankie got new hair and his mouth was reattached after 40+ mph winds blew them off on Monday night.  (we felt a little bit of Hurricane Sandy's wrath)

One of our cats chilling at the end of the night.  I love how he looked in the glowing light.

Hanging with friends is always a great time. 

Checking out the stash!  That should take awhile to go through.  Hope you had a great Halloween!


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  1. Looks like a lot of fun! Kara's costume turned out great!!!!


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