Monday, September 10, 2012

What a Day!!!!

It's been one of those days, and it is only half over.  I just have to share what happened and bless you with another scary foot picture.  LOL!  Please excuse my lack of pedicure, I am posting his picture so you can see my pinkie toe.  Do you see how it is swollen and pinkish/purple?   That is only part of what has  happened in the last 12 hours.

Last night I got up to go to the bathroom around 1 a.m.  Kyle had gone to bed around 10, but I decided to check on him.  I found him watching cartoons on his Ipod Touch instead of sleeping.  Let's just say I was NOT happy about the fact that he was still up 3 hours past his bedtime on a school night.  I told him to turn off his Ipod and go to bed.  He laid on top of it, so I could not take it away. I told him that I would be back in just a minute, and it better be off or he was going to lose it for a week. He knew he was in  big trouble.  When I came back to make sure it was off, he was sitting on the other side of the door so I could not get in.  When trying to push the door open, my pinkie toe hit the door frame. OUCH!  He knew he was in even worse trouble since he made me hurt myself, but still had a death grip on his Ipod.  I finally got him to go to bed, but could not pry it from his hand. (it was off at that point)  I knew last night, I was losing the battle on getting the IPod and was basically too tired and sore to fight about it. (it was then about 1:30)  I decided that I would confiscate it while he was at school today.     I would have a picture of the said confiscated  Ipod, if I could only find it.   He hid it somewhere, and it has not turned up.  When I do find it,  that Ipod is MINE!

I finally settled down and got back to sleep around 2 a.m.

Around 6:30 a.m, 15 minutes before my alarm was to go off,  I hear a crash.    One of our cats decided to jump on Kara's bookcase, and knock her hamster cage off of the shelf.  Luckily, Kara's room is a bit of a mess, so it did not fall all the way to the floor. Her pile of stuff, cushioned the fall.   The hamster seems fine, but the cage not so much!   Two pieces snapped off and the bottom and top came apart.    Kara had to tape the cage back together with duct and masking tape,  before getting ready for school. .

The fall also broke the back off his hamster wheel.  The red tape was Kara trying to fix it. It didn't work.

Sonic is now resting in my closet, safe from the cat with a cage held together with a lot of tape.   He will be getting a new house and wheel  after school, and the guilty cat is banned from her room.

After getting Kyle and Kara off to school,  I went back to bed until it was time to get Kristina to school.   I got her up on time,  and then sat down by the computer.  I was so tired from my night/early morning that I totally lost track of time, and FORGOT that I had to take Kristina to school. Ooops!!!  She was getting ready, and not watching the clock. She is used to me telling her that  it is time to go.   I realized  what I had done 5 minutes before the bell was going to ring . Luckily the school is not that far away, but she was still a little bit late. I feel horrible about that because she was also late on Friday because of my Drs. appointment going long.

Hopefully the rest of the day is not so dramatic!

UPDATE!!!   After school I offered Kyle a deal.  If he WILLINGLY gave me his Ipod, he would only lose it for 3 days.  If he didnt, and I had to find it, he would lose it for a month.   Since he is good at math,


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