Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Why I LOVE Old Navy

This is not a sponsored post in any way. I am  just sharing why I LOVE Old Navy for back to school clothes.  I may have mentioned in previous posts that Kara has had a bit of a growth spurt in the last few months.  Seriously she grew 4 inches in the last year.   When going through her clothes this summer, we pretty realized that all of her pants/shorts are now too short to wear to school.

Here is a great picture of her showing how she is long, thin and all leg.  The black shorts she was wearing are NEW, but not even close to the passing the fingertip test for school.    She is really not that tall,  it just looks that way.  

Right now Old Navy is having some great back to school sales. (I am also loving the 90210 cast in the commercials..  Team Dylan!! )     I also received a $15 off of $50 coupon in the mail, and a $5 reward from having an Old Navy credit card.  $20 off, yes please!!

The regular full price of the the clothing on the table (minus one shirt that she is currently wearing)  would have been $105.47 before tax.   Buying during their sale, and adding in my $20 in coupons/rewards, I paid a whooping $31.81 before tax... Seriously only $31 for a table full of clothes!!    This is the perfect time to buy tanks because they are on clearance.  They can also be worn under other shirts all year long.   The yoga pants and capri sweats were all under $5 after sales  coupons. (she is a weird one who doesn't like to wear jeans) The cute skirts were only $3.36 after sales and coupons.  I was also given $10 in Old Navy Cash to use for my next purchase in a few weeks.  It is good just  in time to figure out what other items she might still need.

We also stopped at Children's Place.  We found knee length shorts on clearance for only $5.95. We picked up two for these warm first few weeks of school. They also had a pair of pants that roll up to capri length that were $12.95.  While a little bit more than the other items I found, they were her favorite color. I spent only $26 there, and got a 20% coupon off my next purchase in Sept.  Overall, I spent only  $55 for clothes worth over $150.   To me, that is a shopping trip worth sharing.  

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