Thursday, April 5, 2012

Target Deals this Week

I found some excellent deals this week, just in time for Easter.    These are the best deals I bought this week.

Lyson Kitchen No Touch System .. I wanted to buy this last week, but I couldnt find it.  I thought it would be in the regular soap aisle, but it wasn't.  I found it purely by accident in the dish detergent aisle.   This special package with 2 refills was $9.99.   I used a Target coupon for $3 and a mafacturer coupon for $3 more.   Final price, $3.99.

Simply Orange orange juice on sale for $2.99.  I had a $1 Target coupon.   I also had a $1 manufacturer coupon so I could have got it for only .99.  I decided to hold onto my manufacturer coupon because it is good for several more weeks, and we always want O.J.  Final price $1.99

Nice & Easy Hair Color on sale for $6.29.  I had a $4 catalina manufacturer coupon, final price $2.29

Allegra Allergy meds.  THIS WEEK ONLY there are $7 off coupons for any size.  There is a 5 count box for only $5.99, which would make them free.   My store was out of 5 ct. boxes. I have been dealing with hives for a very long time, and always need allergy meds.  I saw a 15 count box for $12.99. After my $7 coupon, final price $5.99 for 15.   At .39 a pill, this is an excellent price.  This coupon expires 4/7 so if you want to use it, act fast. 

3 count chocolate dipped Peepsters on sale for $1.50.  I used two .50 Target coupons and a $1 off 2 manufacturer coupon.  Final price only .50, and $1.49 off the regular price of $1.99.  Yum!

The Hop movie is not necessarily an incrediable deal but on sale for $13.99.  I have been wanting to see this movie for awhile and it is only out for a short time. I know my kids will love to know that jelly beans are actually Easter Bunny poop. LOL!

Speaking on Easter Bunny  poop, I mean jelly beans, I picked up 2 bags on sale for $2.  I also had a $1 off 2 Target coupon.  I believe there is a $1 off 2 manufacturer coupon as well, but I was a bit unorganized at the timeb and did not have it.   Final price $1.50 

2 bags of Crunch Eggs, on sale for $2.88.  I had a $2 off 2 Target coupon, and $1 off 2 manufacturer coupon,  I spent only $2.76 for 2 or $1.38 each. 

2 bags of M & Ms on sale for $2.88.   I had a $1.50 off Target coupon, final price $2.13 a bag.

The BEST  deal of the day was the Cover Girl eye shadow.   They were on sale for $2.98 each.  You can use 3, but I only had 2 $1 off Cover Girl Proctor and Gamble coupons.   I also had a get a $5 gift card when you buy 3 Target coupon.    After coupons and gift card, my final price was $1.94 off 3 or .65 each. If  I had the third coupon it would be .31 each. 

I bought some other items not picture as well .  Overall I saved $32.25 this trip on items I would have bought anyway. 

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