Sunday, September 25, 2011

Its a Great Day for Apple Picking

Yesterday it was a pretty nice fall day.  Kara and I decided to go to one of our local U-pick farms to enjoy an afternoon of apple picking.   We really did not want to get a massive amount of apples, but we love the entire picking our own experience.

One of the first things I have the kids do is stand near the apple sign.  Kara has been coming to this farm since she was 2.  I am trying to locate the earliest picture of her by this sign, so I can compare them,  but I have not found it yet.

I did come across this one which was taken about 5 years ago.  It looks like she has grown almost a foot since this picture was taken. I think she is about 5 here. 

This picture  was taken this year. She can now reach pretty high up on the trees. 

We also  always stop at the pumpkin patch to take pictures.   We dont buy our pumpkins there,  because then we have to lug them all the way back to the car. It easier to take pics in the patch,  and then buy them at the grocery store were we have a cart.

Some pumpkin flashback pics... She is about 3  or 4 in these pictures. 

One of our absolute favorite fall treats at the apple farm, are the freshly made cinnamon doughnuts and homemade apple cider..  YUM!!!!!

In this doughnut flashback picture,  I see that she brought a friend to the apple farm.  Her purple poodle from Clifford helped us pick apples that year.  I had forgotten all about that.  She hasn't watch Clifford for years, and I am not sure where her poodle is,  but she still loves dougnuts and stuffed animals.

Kara loved the horse in the petting farm.  The feeling was mutual and the horse kept coming back to Kara to be loved some more.

While on the hayride we had so much fun playing around with the camera taking pictures of ourselves.

 Every time we would hit a bump we would get pictures of our legs. Funny pictures like this will remind us of the fun we had. 

I hope to get to the store this weekend to pick up a few ingredients I need for a delicious caramel recipe.. Keep posted!

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