Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Teen Ideas-Music Party

While thinking about what I wanted to post about today, my teen party asked me if she could use my computer.   When I told her that I was using it, she said something sarcastic.   That is when I thought.. hmm.. once kids get to a certain age, its much harder to come up with party ideas.  My own teen has not wanted to have a party for the last couple of years, she prefers just going to the mall instead.    So today, I am sharing some teen party ideas for those hard to plan teen parties.  

My teen LOVES music. She listens to her MP3 often.   I would have my teen come up with the play list.  While I do know a lot of current bands and songs,  she will still mention bands that she likes that I have never heard of before. 

Decorations can be a lot more subtle than the over the top decorations of a younger childs party.   A black and silver color scheme mimics the colors of old records(if you are old enough to remember those.. LOL!) and are great for both boys or girls.   
Hang blank CDs  or records around the room and from the ceiling
Trace guitar cut outs from guitars and use as wall decor
Hang a personalize banner like the one at Birthday Express

Set up an area to play Guitar Hero or Rock Band

Serve easy food like pizza, chips and pop

Make a guitar cake  like the one on Family Fun,    or an iPod Cake  on  There is even direction on how to make individual iPods on

Give each of the guests backstage passes made from luggage tags or inflatable guitars for additional fun. 

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