Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I Survived The Survivor Party

The 4th graders had a very busy day yesterday.   In the morning they went to the high school for an end of th year swim.  They got back to school a little before noon.   They then munched on a lunch of hot dogs, chips,  fruit, cookies and lemonade. (just realized I forgot to take a pic..oops)  After lunch they divided up to their color teams.  We have four 4th grade classes.  Each class was given a color and bandanas.  Kara's class was green and their team name was the Green Gators.  Other color teams were red, yellow and blue. 

Each class had team flags that they brought to each activity.    If they won an particular activity they earned a smaller cloth flag ot tie on to the team flag.  

Each class had to make a shelter out of large cardboard boxes and tarps.  Here the red class is building their shelter. 
Here our green team has finished thier shelter and are waiting for the judges to come take a look.   All 4 classes did a great job.  They shelters were then taken down quickly beause it was extremely windy and they were worried the carboard would blow away.  

It was then time for the games.  I am not posting a lot of the game pictures because I have some close up pics of some of her classmates, and  only post pics where you can see other children's faces  with permission. 

The first game was a puzzle solving game.  Boxes of cereral were cut up and teams had to see how quickly they could solve the puzzle.  

We also had a pong type game where the kids bounced ping pong balls into tiki cups. 

It was then back outside for the next round of races. They had a potato sack race and a three legged race.   It was extremly hot and humid yesterday so the planning moms did a great job of alternating between inside and outside to keep the kids as cool as possible.  

It was then time for the dreaded eatting game.   Some of the yummy (blech) treats were pictured above. Each child had to spin a wheel  which landed on such food earth worms, used q-tips and blood clots.. Yuck.. Some of the food tasted good, but had a gross name.  Some of the food looked good, but tasted gross, like the bloody slugs. (gummy worms covered in ketchup)   My daughter was the only one that landed on chef's choice.  Luckily the mom in charge was a friend of mine and she was nice to my non adventureous daugther.  She gave her earth worms (purple jello that had been moldedi in a straw) and used q-tips. (mini marshmellows dipped in caramel)

It was then time for the last games of the day.  We were going to do a parachute and beach ball game but had to cancel it due to it being way too windy.    Since it was so warm,  they did have the water games which consided of a water bucket race and a water ballon hand off. 

Everyone also enjoyed a blue snow cone to end the day.  

After a couple of hours of rest, it was time for the 6th grade farewell.   This was the first one we had attended because our oldest had 6th grade at another school.    The first part of the evening was spent in the gym.  The principal talked to the students and handed out awards for A honor roll and perfect attendance.   My son was on AB honor roll, so he should get his award in his classroom today.       It was then  off to the cafeteria for some ice cream.   Many of the teachers were on hand to talk to the parents.     The final activity of the night was a fun one.  Each of the children were give an a ballon to release at a send off ceremony.  It was quite beautiful to see. 

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