Thursday, May 5, 2011

My Meijer Deals this Week

I had a really good week at Meijer this week.  

Buy 3 Capri Sun at $1.57 each, get a Meijer coupon for a FREE  Nabisco multi snack pack.  The snack packs are  $4.95 and cost more than the 3 boxes of Capri Sun.. What a GREAT DEAL.  
Since I was using the coupon I got last week buying Capri Sun,  I had her ring it this week as a separate transaction to get another FREE coupon.    I spent $4.71 and got another $4.95 coupon.  

In 2nd transaction

Nabisco multi pack, $4.95,  FREE with catalina coupon
2 Lean Pockets on sale $2.  Used $1.10 off 2 coupon, final price $1.45 each
Hot Pockets snackers on sale $2.50.  I  used a $1.50 off 1 coupon, final price $1
Stouffers Family Size Harvest meal on sale $4.99. I used $1 coupon, final price $3.99
2 Go Gurt on sale $1.67 each.  I used .75 off 2 coupon, final price $1.29 each 
2 Helava Good dips on price cut $1.05 each.  I used $1 off 2 coupon, final price .55 each
Strawberry Cream Cheese on sale $1.89
Pudding cups on sale .80
Syrup on sale $2.29
Aunt Millies Bread on sale 2/$2.22.  I used .55 off A.M. buns coupon.  Bread $1.11, buns only .56
2 packs strawberries on sale $1.25 each
Avacado on sale $1.34
Tomatoes on sale $1.29 a lb. 
Onion on sale .69 a lb
Meijer naturals salsa  $1.89
Meijer Sea Salt Tortillas  on sale $2.  (I would not have bought the chips and salsa but they had a free sample and they were very good!)
Prego on sale $1.50

I used $14.10 in coupons and spent only $27! 

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