Friday, May 20, 2011

Field Day Fun

Our day started early today.  I have been a volunteer at my daughter's school for several years and this morning was the annual volunteer breakfast.  Since was my last one at this school, I wanted to make sure I attended.  We had danishes, bagels and fruit. Yum.    During the day I was the room mom for her class.  The room moms attend each event with a water wagon and were an extra set of eyes to keep track of all the kids.  We were very lucky today, after a week of cool temps and rain, we had a beautiful sunny day.

We had many fun events like the quarterback challenge.

  Here she is kicking the ball during an obstacle course, and actually made it in the goal.. Yea!

This event was a lot of fun. Each child got 3 water ballloons to shoot at targets.  I believe Kara was the only one who hit two of them.  In this picture she hits the white Target in the upper right hand corner of the picture.   With her 3rd balloon she actually hit her gym teacher who was acting as a live target.   I was holding a box of popsicls at the time, so  didnt get that shot. 

In the home run derby, each child tried to hit the ball over the fence.  She was not able to hti that far, but did well when I told her to pretend the ball was her brothers head..  LOL!!

One tradition at our school is the final event of the day is a tug a war between the teachers and the winning class.  This year our class was elimimated pretty quickly.  Kara did not mind that too much because she deeply dislikes the tug of war. She gets hurt at this event, pretty much every year.  This year she did not, probably because she convienently was out place when a few of the matches started.     Some of the other events were basketball (she got a few baskets), soccer, and a golf ball pitch.   For a child who is not big into sports, she did quite well today.. 

After all the outdoor events were complete it was time for all of the kids to go to the gym for an assembly. We watched in amazement as a juggling group juggled on unicycles and the dad of the group balanced a table on his chin. 

It was a long, fun filled day and since we got home, I have kind of been in a vegetative state. I am  just too tired to move much tonight.  

We are now in single digits for the number of school days left.  Next week the kids have  a field trip, band concert,  talent show practice, Spring Fling, and a field day at my son's school.  I am looking forward to the much slower pace of summer vacation.

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