Thursday, March 10, 2011

Tip of the Day

I found todays tip on  At our house the microwave is the most used appliance in the house. As you can imagine it can get quite dirty with spills and splatters.    When I found the tip on how to easily clean the inside of your microwave, I gave it a try.     Place a bowl of water in a microwave saved  bowl and cook  on hi for 5 mins.   Let the water sit 5 more minutes.   After that time the mess in the microwave wipes out with just a paper towel.       While this  method did work for me, it was not totally clean with just one cycle. .  My microwave is several years old and there were some areas that were some old stains that did could not wipe out.       It is a SAFE way to clean out your microwave because instead of using a cleaner with chemicals, you are using just water. 

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  1. you can add some lemon juice to the water too. that's how we do it.


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