Saturday, February 19, 2011

Mall Shopping on a Budget

My daughter has been saving her money and gift cards from Christmas and her birthday.  Today we had the chance to go use them.   Because it is Presidents Day weekend, it seemed like there were a lot of great sales. We also had a coupon for free jewelry at Charlotte Russe.   I am very excited that my daughter was able to saved $130 on the items in the picture.  This is how she did it..

First stop..  Charlotte Russe        If you LIKE them on Facebook, you can print a coupon for a FREE piece of jewelry from their 2 for $8 collection.     

The gray shirt was reg price at $14.50 but today it was on sale for $10.   She got the ring in the 2nd picture totally FREE with the facebook coupon.  She got the heather knee highs for $6.50.   She spent $17.49 and saved $12.72.

Next stop was Hot Topic.   Today they had an extra 50% off of all their clearance prices.  Their regular prices for tee shirts is high, so this was a great time shop.

The red Scott Pilgrim tee was $22.00, marked $10.98 and with the extra 50% only $5.49
The yellow tee was $20.00, marked $9.98 and with the extra 50% only $4.99
The fingerless gloves were $9.99, marked $4.98 and with extra 50% only $2.49
The necklace was $12.99, marked $5.49 and with the extra 50% only $2.99

She spent only $16.92 and saved $50.90 

The next stop was Pac Sun 

Pac Sun also had  an extra 50% off their lowest marked price.   
The black top was reg. price $39, on sale for $22.99 and today with the 50%  only $11.49
The white top was reg. price $29, on sale for $19.99 and today with the 50% only $9.99

She spent $22.77 and saced $49.31

Last stop was Forever 21.  She had a  $50 gift card to spend there.   They have the best regular prices and is also where she always finds several things she wants  to buy.

The denim sweatshirt jacket was $26.90, marked down to $12.99
The green striped sweatshirt was $19.80
The jeggings were $9.50
She LOVES their accessories dept.  She found hair bows and an owl necklace for $1.50 a piece and bracelets and nail polish for $2.80 a piece.    

She spent $53. 94 and saved $14.75

Full price her shoppig spree would have cost $238.81 but she spent only $111.12.    Way to go!!

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